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Photoplay Productions

ISBN 978-1-905796-24-3

Price £9.99

220 Pages

Released April 2010

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Information for Authors

Because we receive a great number of queries each week, it is not possible to respond to each query, nor to enter into any correspondence or discussion. We only respond to a query letter if requesting a sample of work.

Since it’s not possible to reply to each and every query, we would like to set out a few guidelines we hope will be helpful.

Here are some links with information and advice on query letters:



Before you send a query letter to us, please go through the site and this page, taking time to make sure that what we do seems to fit in with your plans. You need to fully understand our work, and believe you will benefit from being part of UKA Press; satisfaction and success depends on a friendly and mutually supportive partnership.

Have you looked at many UKA Press books? We aim to publish fascinating stories, but a great deal of work goes into preparing a book for publication, editing, designing and setting up for print, and obviously we have to cover costs.

We need to find ways to get books sold and promoted, and although we have staff to assist, the author needs to be enthusiastic and active in this process. Without innovative, engaging ways to get a book known, even Booker prize finalists these days sometimes sell few copies. In recent years, some Booker short listed novels have sold fewer than 50 copies. Major publishers can take a gamble, since their regular bestsellers make up for losses on other books, but we need to consistently cover costs. Rather than taking a gamble, we aim to have our niche, carefully selected books sell steadily, and garner excellent reviews and build up a following of highly satisfied readers.

If you hope for a large advance payment and prominent display in major bookshops, a major publisher is what you need. Agents are needed to introduce your work to major publishers; here is one link where you will find reputable UK agents:http://www.bloomsbury.com/WritersArea/AgentsUK.asp

If you wish to submit to us, and then if your work intrigues and impresses us and looks as if it could be a good fit, and we think it could be successful in our terms and lead to exciting results down the road, we will be happy to give it a preliminary look.

We will ask you to send:

1) An outline of the story.

2) The first three chapters, in a Word document attached to an email.

3) Details as to whether your work has an established market (ie, you are well known, you have a readership for your books, or a popular website or blog), and your plans for promotion.

If well known writers or experts have looked at your manuscript and commented, be sure to let us know.

We need authors who can reach out to readers in their own way, supporting our publishing work by, for example, setting up a website for their book, giving interviews, and joining communities and groups with an interest in the field.


Your manuscript needs to be complete. We can only consider completed works.

We will consider previously published books that have gone out of print, but look to us as if they should be brought back and made widely available.

Please note: We strongly advise authors to query widely, and to query more than one agent or publisher at a time. Agents and publishers typically receive hundreds of queries a week and they may follow up on only a few per week – at most, 5%.

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